Monthly Archives: April 2015

To the Little Boy Who Made Me a Mama

My sweet and precious Frank,

Words cannot even begin to convey just how much I love you and how much your presence and spirit have meant to me over the last 2+ years. I know that I tell you that I love you probably a thousand times a day, but it just doesn’t seem like enough. You are my everything, and I can’t imagine a sweeter, more perfect little boy to call my own. From your unending curiosity and boundless energy to your huge, tender heart, you truly are “my best boy”. I feel so incredibly blessed and lucky to be your mama, and I hope that you always know just how very special and wonderful you are.

Sometimes, I’ll peek into your room at night just to watch you sleep, and I feel as if my heart is going to explode. Maybe it’s because you are always so animated and on-the-go, and when you’re sleeping, that’s one of the only times I can really capture your face and take it all in. You look so peaceful and beautiful, with your sweaty hair and pink cheeks. I honestly don’t think I’ve seen anything more amazing in my whole life.

Your little sister is going to be here very soon, and I want you to know that my love (and your Daddy’s too) will never wane, even though she will require lots of our care and attention. You captured my heart the moment I first laid eyes on you, and nothing will ever change that. I’m excited to see how the love in our family grows and changes with this new addition, and I know that Clara is so very lucky to have you as her big brother. You are an amazing little boy with such a tremendous spirit, and experiencing  your love and sweetness every day makes it all worth it.

I love you, Frank J.!