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Sweet Gracie Girl (2004-2012)

I think it’s safe to say that every pet owner dreads the day that they will have to make “the decision.” Well, for my husband and I (and Josie, too), that day was today. Our sweet girl (Grace, Gracie, Grace-Face, Grandma Grace, Grumpy Grace, G-Mama, among several other aliases) went to Heaven this afternoon. This all seemed very sudden, as she was her feisty self all the way until the very end, and never showed any signs of illness, other than a decreased appetite.

After having dental surgery last week, her appetite never picked up. Obviously, we were concerned, so we brought her in to try to find the problem. After a few days of trying some medications, our vet ran some blood tests and did a body scan. He discovered a mass in her abdomen, and needed to open her up to pinpoint the cause and remove it, if at all possible. When he opened her up, her spleen and stomach were full of tumors, so there was nothing he could do to restore her quality of life. I had been dreading that call, imagining how it would go, ever since last Friday. It was almost surreal to hear that there was “nothing else that could be done, because the tumors were too aggressive.” Wow. The combination of emotions inside of me was a mix of disbelief, sadness, shock, and    worry. How could we be losing our sweet girl, when she never even seemed sick?

The purpose of this post is not to make people sad, but to tell people what a great  dog/pet/companion/friend she was, so I hope I do her justice with my words. Grace was a fighter; after being found at a county animal control facility, she won the employees over with her sweet nature and spunky personality. Though she was “older,” a wonderful organization saw it fit to take her in, because they just knew that someone would fall in love with her and want to call her their own.  Fast forward a few months, to when we met Gracie at her foster’s house. As soon as we came in the door, she was wagging her tail and shaking her cute little Boxer butt. We could see her big personality under that small frame (though the frame size would soon change, due to lots of good food and doting parents), and we just knew that she was perfect for us.  From the day we brought her home, she fit into our family as if she was always a part of it. She was so easy-going, and she and Josie immediately became sisters and best friends. Because of Josie’s background, she was very timid and shy, and Grace taught her to be brave. To be fair, Gracie taught us all a lot of things: how to give unconditional love, how not to sweat the small stuff, how to be brave in the face of danger (or a passing dog or garbage truck), and how to live each day to the fullest. She will be missed more than she could ever imagine. She was my baby, and I know there will never be another one just like her.

Rest in peace, my sweet girl. We will miss you.