For My Brother

This weekend marked the culmination of something that has been going on for 10 years: my little brother got married! Whenever I refer to him as my “little brother,” people get the impression that he is very young, possibly still a teenager; in actuality, he’s 26, so he’s plenty old enough to get married. Besides actually BEING old enough to get married, he is very ready to move on to this new chapter of his life with his fiancee. I am so excited for both of them, because this has definitely been a long time coming, and my family couldn’t be more thrilled that this was a high school romance that turned into “the real thing.”

Looking back on the past 26 years,  I can remember us as children, doing so many crazy/bone-headed/dangerous things. Though we did have our times of conflict, we had so much fun together (though I’m sure, he would say that I may have had more fun, since I was a little bossy, as the older sister!). We were both fairly creative and resourceful, which led to lots of experiments and activities that were probably a little “less than safe.” I remember one time when we came up with the idea to have a carnival in our neighborhood. Obviously, we didn’t really have any idea about how much money, time, and expertise went into an actual carnival, but we were bound and determined to have one in a neighbor’s side yard, in order to make money. We spent quite a few summer afternoons with several neighborhood children, building “rides” and coming up with games for our “customers.” There was one especially “ingenious” ride that we designed, which consisted of a lounge chair, suspended in a tree by jump ropes. There were various other games and activities, such as shooting balls into a bucket with a slingshot and a seesaw-type contraption (again, not very safe!). I still laugh so hard when I think about the things we used to do, and the ideas that we swore would come to fruition. We really had such a great time together, just being kids.

I can’t help but smile when I think back on this weekend, and how amazing it was to see my brother “all grown up.” I was so proud of him as I watched him say his vows and celebrate his wedding day with his beautiful new wife. As I watched him at the reception, my mind couldn’t help but be filled with all of those wonderful times and memories we shared as kids. I felt so blessed to be a part of their wedding, and I can’t wait to share some new, beautiful memories with both of them (though I don’t think  we will be planning any more carnivals any time soon…).

2 responses to “For My Brother

  1. How sweet! I forgot this was the big weekend! Yay for Pat and Noelle!!

  2. Indeed, what a sweet post Katie! Congratulations to the new married couple! 😉

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