Those Crazy Kids

So, after a few weeks of being back with my 2nd graders after Spring Break, I am still plagued by certain questions about some of their behaviors. Granted, I have lots of good stories by way of these kids, but I’m usually left asking myself, “Did that really just happen?” at the end of each day. Here’s just a small glimpse of the situations I have witnessed or questions I have gotten in the two weeks that we have been back in school:

1. Whenever I send a group of boys to use the restroom, someone inevitably comes back to “tattle” about something that one of the other boys did while they were in there. Usually, the complaints range from peeing in the drain to peeking over the stalls, but this week, it was very different. Apparently, one of my boys saw a really neat pencil in the toilet and PICKED IT UP. No, not near the toilet, or on the toilet, but IN the toilet. Obviously, I found that disturbing/revolting/unbelievable, but I still wanted to hear the little boy out. When he came back, I asked him about it, and he initially denied it, but eventually came around after the other boys “busted” him again. After finally admitting it, I asked him why he would do that, because that was so disturbing/revolting/unbelievable, and do you know what his response was? “It was a cool pencil.” What??? I don’t care if there were a $100 bill in the toilet, under no circumstances would I stick my hand in there to pick it up. Obviously, he didn’t agree with me, because he insisted in putting that pencil right into his bookbag, in order to insure that it was “safe.” Trust me, sweetie, no one is going to try to take that pencil from you. No one.

2. As you well know, my husband and I have two dogs. And, if you know anything about children and their teachers’ lives, they are always immensely interested in their family members and day-to-day lives. Each day, several of my students ask me about my husband, my dogs, my neighbors, etc. Now, there is certainly nothing unusual about that, nor the fact that most of them ask me to “tell them hi” when I get home. But yesterday, after one boy asked me, “Can you tell Josie and Gracie hello for me?,” another one asked, “Can you tell Josie and Gracie that I farted?” WHAT??? Who even says that? Of course, my answer was no, but I’m still a little perplexed as to why he would even ask that question.

3. Today, my class went on a field trip to the Fire Safety Village. Against my better judgement, I let all of my students go, including one who is “a bit challenging.” The children rotated through several “classes,” which were led by police officers, firefighters and EMTs. Well, as was expected, my little friend decided to act out/show off during the session with the police officer (bad choice in his part), and the policeman called him out (a little impromptu “scared straight”?). After he reprimanded him, one of my students who is very vocal (and missing a filter) said, “Whew, thank goodness. You probably should have put handcuffs on him. He is bad news.” Truer words have never been spoken, and I’m so glad that I didn’t have to be the one to say them!

Though there are days when I absolutely want to pull my hair out, one thing always holds true: there’s never a day I go home without laughing at something they have said or done. Sometimes, a little comic relief can really save you!

One response to “Those Crazy Kids

  1. Oh how I miss this kiddo stories. Thanks for the laughs!

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