To My Friends

Last night, a few friends and I went out in Athens to celebrate our friend Faith’s 30th birthday. Now, it’s always good to come back to the “old stomping ground”, but sometimes when you do, you realize how much some things have changed. The bars that we closed down so many nights are no longer there, and the people who were “fixtures” of our college bar-hopping days are long gone (I guess they had to grow up too???). We all have so many great memories of our college days, and it’s so much fun to go back and get to relive them a little bit, even if things aren’t quite the same.

Though the bars and restaurants may have changed (and so did the clientele; yikes!), one thing about my college days remains the same: “my girls.” We have been friends for about 10 years, and I really think that friends like them are hard to find these days. It’s very rare to have people in your life (other than your family) that have seen you through your absolute worst days, but still love you anyway. They have been there to wipe the tears, hold your hair, and be your partners-in-crime. There really is nothing like good friends that have known you for most of your adult life,  through all of life’s ups and downs, its constants and changes. Though some parts of Athens may have changed, the best parts have not! I love you girls!

One response to “To My Friends

  1. So sad that I missed the fun. I guess babies are just one more way things have changed. Love you!

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