Things I Have Learned About Marriage

In anticipation of our 1-year anniversary this weekend, I have been thinking back on the past year, and reflecting on what I’ve seen/experienced/learned. No matter how long you date a person before you get married, you never know exactly how it will be once you get married. Here are a few things I have discovered over the past year:

1. I’m not very good at doing laundry. I’ve got the first part (loading the clothes into the washer and starting the wash cycle) down pat, but I usually “fall down” when it comes to steps two and three (putting them into the dryer and then folding the clothes once they are done).

2. My husband will clear all non-essential items off of countertops, tables and shelves less than 5 minutes after you have placed them there.

3. I don’t mind loading or unloading the dishwasher, though my husband will go behind me and reorganize the dishes in a more space-conscious way.

4. We should buy stock in Swiffer, because we (and by “we,” I don’t mean me!) must go through several of those Swiffer pads and cloths each week.

5. Convincing my husband to get a first dog was hard, but convincing him to get a second one was easy.

6. It is nearly impossible to stay mad when your husband starts acting like a goofball and saying a certain funny word (no, I will not tell you what it is, if you don’t already know).

7. Your husband will become even more protective of you once you get married, so all of those foul-mouthed elementary school boys (and some of their dads) do not sit in very good favor with mine.

8. Your engagement ring and wedding band are still fun to look at, no matter how long you’ve had them, or how many times you’ve seen them.

9. Having a joint bank account is great, but it’s hard to hide the purchase of birthday, anniversary or Christmas gifts (or really expensive shoes, for that matter).

10. You each learn to appreciate the little things about the other person, the good as well as the not-so-good. There were so many reasons that you chose each other, and even more come to light each and every day.

4 responses to “Things I Have Learned About Marriage

  1. Amy Coots-Smith

    Happy Anniversary! It is so amazing how quickly the first year of marriage goes by. Celebrate big this weekend!

  2. thanks, amy! it really has flown by. it honestly doesn’t seem like that long ago that we met!

  3. What a sweet post! I can’t believe it’s been a year!

  4. Congrats! And such a sweet post. I totally agree about the staying mad thing, except with mine it’s a look accompanied with a sound. Strange but funny men!

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