Mr. Wilson

As many of my close friends already know, my husband has been affectionately dubbed “Mr. Wilson” by my best friend, Faith. He received that moniker due to his love of our yard and house, mixed with his disdain for anyone that tries to “mess with” either of these. Now, I promised him that I would not refer to him by his ACTUAL name (but, really, who am I kidding? Most of you reading this know me pretty well, so you know who he is!), but I did forewarn him that I was planning on having a section detailing his quest for the perfect, pristine house and yard.

In the one year that we have owned our house, both the house and yard have undergone several transformations. Those in the house were more run-of-the-mill (backsplash, staircase spindles, painting), but the yard has become an entity unto itself. The previous owners preferred more of a “wild garden” look in the backyard, and to Mr. Wilson, that just meant unkempt and messy. After several weekends of making the best of what we had in the backyard (and a little over-pruning in the process), we decided to make a few necessary changes, with the help of a landscaper. We had a few trees that really needed to be removed, so we did that back in the Fall, along with adding a pretty little flower bed (for me) in the frontyard, and it has just snowballed from there. A few other minor tweaks were made, which made a big difference to my husband, causing him to puff out his chest a little, as people commented on how nice our yard looked (I joke that I am going to have a “Yard of the Month” sign made and put it in our yard). Well, with those minor tweaks, and ensuing compliments, came a little bit of OCD  about keeping everything looking “just so,” which isn’t always easy to do. You see, we have two dogs, and whenever our friends come over, their dogs are usually in-tow as well. With dogs comes running, and with running comes the messing up of said pristine yard. On more than one occasion, I have heard him muttering about people being too far up in the yard as they are walking their dogs (and, in his words, letting them kill his grass), which prompted the suggestion that we needed to have a statue made in his likeness, with a clenched fist being shaken at anyone who dares step into the yard and risk displacing something.

This is all in good fun, and I must say that we do have quite a beautiful yard, without the help of anyone other than my Mr. Wilson. He takes so much pride in making everything look well-manicured and “put-together,” and I appreciate that. He doesn’t only see mowing the lawn as an opportunity to have a few cold beers (Yuengling, of course), but as an opportunity to puff out his chest a little more as we continue to get compliments on our yard.  As much as I tease him about it, he has embraced it and we have continued to make plans for even more changes. Now, I realize that I could be shooting myself in the foot by giving him even more of a reason to “guard his yard,” but I must admit, I really like how pretty it looks! 🙂

5 responses to “Mr. Wilson

  1. Okay, I guess I’m dumb, but I have to ask who the name “Mr. Wilson” is referring to. I know it’s your nickname for your husband, but who’s the real Mr. Wilson??

  2. Not dumb, but maybe you just didn’t watch enough Nick at Nite! Mr. Wilson is Dennis the Menace’s grumpy neighbor, and he’s always chastising Dennis for being in his yard and causing trouble. The major difference b/w that Mr. Wilson and mine is that mine is only 30! 😉

    • I’m pretty sure Dennis’ Mr. Wilson was also only thirty. People smoked a lot back then so he probably only looked sixty-five and hateful.

  3. very thought-provoking. it does put a lot of hard miles on a person…

  4. HA! I loved that you said you learned of Mr. Wilson from Nick at Nite. I, on the other hand, distinctly remember watching Mr. Wilson (the original broadcasts!), which I’m pretty sure were in black and white. Oh…I’m old, old, old!!

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