Life’s Simple Pleasures

Last night, with the horrible storms around Atlanta (and the ensuing power outage), I had some peace & quiet that allowed me to really appreciate what was going on. While being without power was an inconvenience (i.e. making it a tad muggy in our bedroom, seeing as we had two large dogs in the bed as well!), it was actually kind of nice. I love the sound of storms. Yes, even the thunder and lightning. There’s just something about the booming sounds contrasting the soft sound of the rain that is so wonderful. 

That being said, I’m glad to be seeing a little sliver of sun this morning. Since I am on vacation from school/work, I am able to enjoy some things that I normally do not have a chance to each day. Sleeping in until 7:45 is an absolute dream, and getting to drink my coffee while watching an ENTIRE morning show is incredible. These things make me realize just how much of a difference little things can make.  I think I may even indulge myself a bit more and do some baking this morning too. What a great way to spend the day!

3 responses to “Life’s Simple Pleasures

  1. Molly Christian

    Hey, can’t you make it so that people give their email and they can sign up for updates and then it emails them when you write something? I want to follow you 🙂 You have one follower at least and who better than MAYOR MOLLY!?!? Aha, I now see the little box below to “notify me of new posts via email.” Genius!

  2. Molly Christian

    uhhh, me again, just still trying to subscribe. I think I subscribed before with my school email. FAIL!

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